Welcome to the World.

WttW presents their new CD: Childhood Memories

The band

Erik: Composer, songwriter, keyboards & trombone

Etienne: Composer, songwriter, vocal, backing vocal & keyboards

Bertrand: Double bass & electric bass

Mikael: Songwriter, drums & percussion

Dominique: Recordings, producer & sound controller

Beatrix: Vocal, backing vocal & flute

Mamoru(Marki): Guitars

Damien: Vocals & backing vocal

Jean : Guitar

Geert: Saxophones & clarinet

Livio: Saxophone

Tamara: Vocals & backing vocal

The Welcome to the World Pop-Up Choir directed by Anne

Newest CD: Childhood Memories

Welcome to the World present their new CD: Childhood Memories.

Blue Green

Musicians: Dominique (Keyboard), Erik (Keyboard - Trombone - Accordion), Etienne (Keyboards - Vocals), Mikael (Drums - Perscussion), Mamoru (Marki) (Guitars), Bertrand (Bass guitar - Double bass guitar - Guitar), Jean-Louis (Saxophones - Percussion), Damien (Vocals)

If you find the words

Musicians: Dominique (Sound controller - Keyboard), Erik (Keyboards - Trombone), Etienne (Keyboards - Vocals), Bertrand (Bass guitar), Jean-Louis (Saxophones - Percussion), Alexis (Guitar), Carl (Vocals - Percussion) and Yves (Drums)


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